Monday, 19 July 2010

Doctoral Position in Grassland Productivity

Doctoral Position
“Grassland productivity and herbage production along a gradient of plant
diversity and management intensity”

Recent research has demonstrated the potential benefit of plant species diversity for ecosystem functioning of grasslands. As an example, the above-ground biomass production has been shown to significantly increase with plant species number and it has been suggested that this finding should be utilized to develop sustainable grassland production systems. However, the relationship between diversity and ecosystem functioning has been established on experimental grasslands on ex-arable land where the swards had been sown and the species number maintained by weeding. So far, there is little information available on whether the findings are applicable to permanent grasslands, which build the vast majority of grasslands in Central Europe. A research project has been set up to investigate the relationship between diversity and ecosystem functioning on permanent grasslands with different management intensities. We are seeking a PhD candidate to join this research.

MSc or Diploma degree in agriculture or related

knowledge in grassland science, vegetation ecology.

and conditions
Salary is 1365 Euro per month. Start date: April 1, 2010. The position is three years.
and contact for further information
Applicants should send their CV, certificates and other documents in one single pdf-file to
Prof. Dr. J. Isselstein, Grassland Science, Department of Crop Sciences,
Von-Siebold-Str. 8, 37075 Göttingen, P +49 551 3922253, E-Mail

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