Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Support to Flood Victims in Pakistan

GöNeS (Goettingen Nepalese Society) would like to ask you to join us for supporting to the flood victims of Pakistan. Small helps from ourside, can be a great support to the needy people! Therefore, we tried to collect few euros from our members and send it to Pakistan. we will transparently try to handle this support and put the name and amount of the donor in this web.
Upto now, the donors agreed to contribute are:

  • Netra Bhandari and family
  • Dev Raj Gautam and family
  • Rajendra K.C. and family
  • Hem Raj Bist and family
  • Anju Upadhayaya and family
  • Bharat Budthapa and family
  • Rosan Devkota and family
  • Binita Shahi
  • Rest are coming....
Any amount of money is gratefully accepted and appreciated !

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