Thursday, 19 August 2010

HEARTLY WELCOME to two more friends

Two more friends have already arrived to Goettingen for their master study. Mr. Bishal Ghimire is the M.Sc. 2nd year student under the SUFONAMA programme. He has successfully completed his first year of study in Bangor University, United Kingdom. Mr. Ghimire has served as the forest officer in Department of Forest, Nepal for many years. He used to be remember by users and staffs of the districts where he served (Parsa, Khotang, Dolkha) for his hard work, honesty and devotion to manage the forestry resources and uplift the livelihood of the rural community.

Similarly Miss Binita Shahi has just arrived to Goettingen for her M.Sc. study in Tropical and International Forestry (TIF) programme from Nepal. This is her second time in Goettingen. Before this, she was here for few months for training in 2008. She has well experience working with rural community, management of NTFPs etc. Before to come here, she has worked one of the remotest district of Nepal, Humla. She was very hardworking, result oriented and highly motivated forestry professional there.
We would like to heartly welcome both of them and we wish all the pleasure and success in their stay here in Goettingen!


Sonee said...

dai! I think you have posted the wrong name... It should be Binita instead of Babita..

sonee said...

Dai, I think you posted the wrong name.. it should be Binita instead of Babita..