Monday, 8 November 2010

Billions of congratulations & best wishes to Devkota family

What a joyful moment ! What could be the better achievement than this? What a glorious day it would be not only with you, but for all of us ! After a long and untiring efforts, the hard works, dedication and devotion, finally going to pay for you, with the transformation of Mr. Roshan Devkota, to Dr. Roshan Devkota, a great day in your life and professional career. The milestone that everybody wants to achieve, you will be honoured with it on coming Friday (12 November, 2010). This day can never be forgotten because it is going to fulfill all your dreams, dreams to pick up the twinkling stars ! On this very best achievement, the uppermost academic achievement of anyone's life, we all like to congratulate you, Sabita jee, two little stars (Aditi and Aaron) and all of your family members. You made all of us proud and glorious with your success ! Please accept our deepest congratulations and best wishes for your defense ! We are pretty sure for the extraordinary outcomes! We are very proud to be the part of whole of your achievements !!
Mr. Devkota has worked on the hot issues of community forestry in Nepal, focussing more on interests and powers in community forestry. The title of his thesis is "Interests and Power as Drivers of Community Forestry – A Case Study of Nepal." His findings will not only be useful in better implementation of Community Forestry program in Nepal but also it will pave the foundation to scale out community based forest management programme throughout the World. We would like to congratulate Mr. Devkota for his path showing findings. The defense programme would take place as follows:

  • Date : 12. November 2010 (Friday)
  • Time: 8:00 a m (Sharp)
  • Place: Busgenweg 1
  • Room: Horsaal F 01
All of you are welcome in the above mentioned program and venue. You are requested to be there before 8:00 0' Clock !

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Baburam said...

Congratulation for great success! Wish you all the best.
Baburam and family