Saturday, 13 November 2010

Congratulation to Dr. Devkota

You made us and our country proud! Lots of congratulation to Dr. Roshan !

Dr. Roshan, and renowned professor Krott !
Dr. Devkota and his team !

Dr. Roshan with his Nepalese colleagues after doctoral ceremony!

Today, Dr. Devkota defended his Ph.D. thesis. He was asked many tough questions to defend his studies. And, he satisfied all the examinee with his outstanding performance, in his scientific field, and with superb presentation. The jury was so impressed, they couldnot stop themselves from providing excellent grade! He made us and our country both proud through his intellectuality, friendliness and outstanding work. Many many congratulations to Dr. Devkota and his family for this outstanding achievements !


Anonymous said...

Congratulation to Roshanji and bhauju and family for achieving doctoral degree and thanks Ranjendraji for provoding wonderful pictures. Happy to see this site after long time.


Anonymous said...

Thank you ajay jee for remembrance and thanks a lot rajendra dai for posting such superb photo with wonderful lines.
Sabita and Rosan