Tuesday, 22 March 2011

12 PhD graduate research assistantships and post-doctoral research associate (Bonn, Germany)

Patterns in Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere System monitoring, modelling
and data assimilation

The TR32 is an interdisciplinary collaborative research center including the universities of Aachen, Bonn, Cologne and the Research Centre J├╝lich(Germany). The TR32 comprises a broad range of natural scientific disciplines and deals with patterns in state variables, and mass and energy fluxes in the coupled soil-vegetation-atmosphere systems due to complex exchange processes and interactions. We are currently announcing a number of PhD graduate research assistantships and post-doctoral research associate.

PhD students will be part of the newly established TR32 Graduate School.

-Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Soil Water Processes
1 PhD's position

-Characterizing spatio-temporal patterns of water and C-fluxes at field-scale
1 PhD's position

-The role of soil heterogeneity on field scale evapotranspiration:
3D integrative modelling and upscaling of root water uptake.
2 PhD's positions

-Soil moisture content estimation by inverting surface and borehole ground penetrating radar data
1 PhD's position

-Spatio-temporal variability of catchment properties and their effect on water, solute, and CO2 fluxes from the micro- to the mesoscale
2 PhD's positions

-Scale consistent two-way coupling of land-surface and atmospheric models
1 PhD's position

-CO2 and water flux estimation by four-dimensional variational assimilation of in situ and remote sensing data
2 PhD's positions

-Development and maintenance of two-way coupled Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere System
2 Postdoctoral research positions

Every PhD's graduate research assistantship is for a 3,5 years period and is remunerated with a 75%-TV-L E13 Position.

The postdoctoral positions are also for a duration of 3,5 years and we offer an experience commensurate salary.

Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the positions have been filled.

For more information, you are kindly invited to visit this website

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